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First Time Landlord

garabys-letting-agents-06We appreciate that becoming a landlord either through choice or circumstances may seem daunting and can be a minefield of legalisation, scare story’s and lack of information.  Equally it can be an exciting, rewarding experience and often the first step to becoming a landlord with multiple properties.    With Garabys, we appreciate that early on you may need more help, guidance and advice on what to and not to do.


We are flexible enough to assist in your ever changing world and can adapt our services and offerings to suit you as you embark upon being a landlord.  We offer a package, referred to as Fully Managed, which offers all the necessary parts to property management and  you can therefore rest assured your property will be handled with us as though it were our own.  Equally you may have expertise in any number of areas of property management and just be you are looking for a tailored service and/or a tenant finding service and Garabys is here to offer you a solution to fit your needs and requirements.


In terms of your property, we can advice on mortgage, insurance, legal and Government legalisation that affects rentals.   If you need advice on any aspect then do not hesitate to contact us.


If and when the time is right, we can assist you in advising on further purchases and highlighting areas of demand or areas where supply is outstripping demand.  We have access to a number of tools enabling valuation and price comparisons to assist you in expanding your portfolio.